Handicap Calculation

The goal of the handicap is to level the playing field in a way that should reward the player having the best above their norm game. There is a weekly money pool created by a $2 contribution from each player and 1/2 of that pool goes to the low handicap score. If you don't remember what it is like to be an 850 rated player and shoot a 930 round then it may lose some of it's importance to you but I can assure you from down here in the cellar it feels great. Through some research and comparing the average scores of those playing that have have PDGA ratings I am using 49 as the SSA (1000 rated) for the Blue tees and 44 for the White tees.

The process to determine the handicaps is as follows.

Current PDGA rating where 1000 is 0, 980 is 2, 930 is 7, 850 is 15 etc etc and this applies to the Blue tees and the White tee handicap is 0.66 x the Blue tee handicap. Looking at the average scores of those with active PDGA ratings it works out right on the mark as Jeb at 1000 averages 49 and so on and so on. For those that play the DEPC but are not active PDGA members their DEPC rating can be used as a starting point for handicap.

white tee equivalent round = ((blue score - 49) x .66) + 44

blue tee equivalent round = ((white score - 44) x 1.5) + 49


For those with NO active PDGA rating it will take 3 rounds of shorts or 3 rounds of longs to calculate a handicap. The premise is your ave score - handicap = 1000 rated round which again we are using 49 as a blue 1000 rated round and 44 as a white 1000 rated round. I realize there are some weather and pin placement factors that affect a given round but so far ignoring that has worked out fine.

Actual performance of at least 3 rounds will override PDGA rating IF that makes for a lower handicap number. The current max handicap is 19 blue and 13 whites for the men and 21 and 14 for the women.


As we stretch into the future handicap updates will be done at least quarterly 1/1, 4/1, 7/1 and 10/1 using the current PDGA rating or average of at least 3 white rounds or 3 blue rounds whichever produces the lower handicap number. I will update them more often if possible. As rounds accumulate in the future I will calculate back no further than the last 10 rounds though with newer players who are progressing rapidly it can be as few as the last three rounds if they are significantly better than previous rounds.

Someone in the handicap PENDING catagory will have their handicap calculated as soon as they complete the needed rounds and can then participate in the handicap pool payouts. You do NOT have to participate in the money pool at all but you must commit beore the round and Yes you still get to pay $2 a round even before you can get a handicap payout but can get the low score payout from day one.



NEW Blue Tees

44-Jason Myers (6-4-17)

NEW White Tees

40-Jarrett Wallace (10-22-17)

OLD Blue Tees: 44 - Sean Gough (4-28-13)

OLD White Tees: Actual - 37 - Jon Mills (4-14-13) Sean Gough (11-09-14)

#1 tag defenses 7 Sean Gough (01-13-13) (08-04-13)

#1 tag winners >>

Sean Gough (41)/ Scott Conway (27) / Jon Upchurch (25)/ Jason Myers (20) / Jeb Bryant (14) / Nick Morreale (11)/ Justin Kingery (9) / Jarrett Wallace (9) / Max Crotts (9) / Jon Mills ( 6 ) / Scott Parrish (5) / Chris Hamby (4) / Fred Jarrett (2) /Todd Markov (2) / Tate Allen (1) / Rob Gerard (1) / Adam Baker (1) / PJ Evans



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