Current as of 01/14/18


  1. Jessica Miller
  2. Mairibethe Hayes
  3. Jamie Price


  1. Jason Myers
  2. PJ Evans
  3. John Howard
  4. Connor Pizzutilla
  5. Nick Morreale
  6. Jordan Shirley
  7. Jarrett Wallace
  8. Max Crotts
  9. Ryan McMillan
  10. David Leak
  11. Rob Gerard
  12. Spencer Hill
  13. Jon Upchurch
  14. Juan Martinez
  15. Connor Gill
  16. Julian Britt
  17. Logan Staton
  18. Brandon Brewington
  19. Pat McRae
  20. Dan Garrett
  21. Adam Walter
  22. Pat Mallette
  23. Tate Allen
  24. Vincent Tricarico
  25. Robert Hanney
  26. Ken Cortwright
  27. Stephen Collado
  28. Dave Niwald
  29. Will Prescott
  30. Jim Engleman
  31. Barry Hollis
  32. Brian Baker
  33. Noland Grant
  34. Sean Buckley
  35. Nathan Baker
  36. Nick Duncan
  37. Jason Price
  38. Cole Hendrix
  39. Frankie Williamson
  40. Anthony Ricci
  41. Charle Lassiter
  42. Dakota Peachy
  43. Mason Keen
  44. Michael Wright
  45. Charles Thompson
  46. Matt Barber
  47. Doni Peterson
  48. Phillip Roberts
  49. Matthew Baker
  50. Jordan Porter
  51. Mark McRorie
  52. Open
  53. Open
  54. John Bradley
  55. Daryl Elderkin
  56. Open
  57. Justin Britt
  58. OPEN
  59. OPEN
  60. Alex
  61. Scott Allenspach
  62. Tyler Pirkle
  63. Shane Norris and Andrew Adson
  64. OPEN
  65. OPEN
  66. OPEN
  67. OPEN
  68. OPEN
  69. Andrew Duppstapt
  70. OPEN

2017 Overall Race TOP 15

  1. (1.55) Jason Myers
    (1.55) Jon Upchurch
  2. (4.65) Jarrett Wallace
  3. (5.55) Rob Gerard
  4. (5.95) Max Crotts
  5. (6.11) Nick Morreale
  6. (9.05) Tate Allen
  7. (11.61)Vincent Tricarico
  8. (11.70)John Howard
  9. (12.85)Pat Mallette
  10. (13.40)Ken Cortwright
  11. (14.60)Jim Engleman
  12. (14.94)PJ Evans
  13. (14.95)Charles Thompson
  14. (15.35)Juan Martinez
  15. (16.25)Dan Garrett

  • January 14 2018 27 Crazy disc golfers out for windy subfreezing white tees! Myers held tough with #1 tag defense #2. Connor P took the handicap easily just a stokre behind Myers. Myers $24 Connor P $24
  • January 07 2018 Wow a record cold 13 degrees plus snow on the ground at tee off and there were 19 baggers out including 4 new Baggers! It's going to be a good year! Things started the way they ended with Myers defending the #1 tag and the handicap went to Logan in a throw off with Dan. $12Myers $12 Logan
  • December 31 2017 17 Baggers out for subfreezing white tees with 5 top 10 tags!! What a great bagger crew. The top tag honors for 2017 came down to the last round between Vee and Myers and ending the year in a dead tie for tag average and each with 10 #1 tag wins in 2017! Great work. Myers $16 Howard $16
  • December 24 2017 15 out for Christmas Eve white tees with the threat of rain. PJ taking the #1 for the first time ever and Juan winner a threeway throw off for the handicap money. $20 PJ and $20 Juan
  • December 17 2017 29 Baggers out for more winter whtes. Vee with the outright by 4 and Juan all alone with the handicap. $25 Vee $25 Juan
  • December 10 2017 35!1 Out in the winter for white tees. The wind tripped up a few. Vince taking the outright at 46 and a big 6 way handicap throwoff with Pat McRae taking it. $31 Vince $31 Pat McRae
  • December 3 2017 25 out for Blue tees. Max taking the #1 at 50 and a four way throw od=ff for handicap taken by Connor P (again) and Jessica defending the #1 Women's tag for the eleventeenth time. Max $22.50 Connor P $22.50 jessica $2
  • November 26 2017 17 out for Blue tees. No #1 or #2. Myers took the outright at 7 down 48 and Charles and Coonor P threw off for the handicap with Connor taking it. Myers $16 Pizzutilla $16.
  • November 19 2017 21 baggers out for windy whites with Vee holding the #1 with an 11 down A three way handicap was won by Pat McRae $17 McRae $17 Vee
  • November 12 2017 18 out with some super hot shooting for 5 eleven down 43s and a play off for the #1 tags as both the #1 holders shoot 43s. Vee won a thre hole play off with Jarrett then Connor G won the 5 person playoff for the #1 money and Connor P winning the handicap throwoff. Connor G $15 and Connor P $15
  • November 05 2017 14 out for blue tees with Vee taking the #1 with 5 down and Juan taking the handicap. Vee $14 Juan $14
  • October 29 2017 Rain scaled it back to Whites for the 9 bold Baggers out though meny were braving much tough weather in Richlands. Myers defending the #1 and Dan taking the handicap. $5 Myers $5 Dan G
  • October 22 2017 21 Bageers out for Whites with lots of hot rounds but none to top Jarrett's 14 down 40 to set the new white record! Jarrett $40
  • October 15th 2017 25 Baggers in the DEPC no tags buts Jarrett taking the outright and Ed Tate and Stephen splitting the handicap. Jarrett $20 Ed Tate and Stephen 3 free Bagger Entries.
  • October 8 2017 20 out for 20 hole Whites. Myers defending the #1 tag -11 and Juan winning a 3 way handicap playoff. $20 Myers $20 Juan
  • October 1 2017 26 out for 20 holes of BLUES! Myers taking back the #1 tag and Sena Buckley winning the handicap throw off. $22 Myers $22 Buckley
  • September 24 2017 A RECORD 29 Baggers out for 20 hole BLUES! Nick taking the outright on a tie with Howard and winning a 4 way handicap throw off as well to take all the money $48
  • September 17 2017 Just 13 out for whites as some were playingthe ECO. Myers $12 Brandon $12
  • September 10 2017 15 out for 20 hole whites. Vee taking it all $28
  • September 3 2017 25 0ut for brutal Blue 20 alts and it was a record day in many with the last card coming in at 1:32 pm :-) Tate put on a show at 7 down 55! Took the handicap by 7! Tate $44
  • August 27 2017 ECO tag only round with Vince and Myers shooting 53 's to take $10 each
  • August 20 2017 Conway snags a new white record of 13 down! Vee at 12 down $23 Max in a 4 way throw off for handicap. $21
  • August 13 2017 23 out for white tees .. record holding at 12 down. Nick and Rob 10 down with Rick taking the #1 and a 6 person handicap shootout with Rob taking it. $10 Nick $31 Rob
  • August 06 2017 21 out for Blues! Rob taking the outright Dan again with the handicap. Rob $19 and Dan $20
  • July 30 2017 17 out for Blue tees with only the #7 as the hishest tag! Vee taking the outright and Dan th e handicap. Vee $16 Dan $17
  • July 23 2017 Twenty out with Max $20 and Juan winning a 6 person playoff for handicap $21
  • July 16 2017 Just 5 out due to the ECO and Zeb tourneys. Myers defending #1 and Dan taking the handicap. $9 Myers $9 Dan
  • July 09 2017 29 Baggers out!! Jason slipped past the field at 10 down for the #1 tag and Brandon won the 4 person handicap throwoff. $26 Myers $26 Brandon
  • July 02 2017 Bagger Open Blue round. Jarrett reclaims the #1 and takes the Outright $14 and Myers with the Handicap$15 in an Austin Myers Vincent throw off.
  • July 02 2017 Bagger Open White round. Myers with the outright and Handicap in a Max and Tate throw off. $34
  • June 25 2017 Jarrett outright $9 Dan handicap $9
  • June 18 2017 Massive 10 player throw off for handicap! Nick $20 Outright Jarrett $20
  • June 11 2017 Six person throw off for handicap. Myers $20 Outright Jarrett $20
  • June 4 2017 Myers crushing all comers for a new Blue record and ALL the money! $34
  • May 28 2017 Barber with the outright $9 and McRae the handicap $9.
  • May 13 2017 Jarrett $9 Vincent $9
  • May 06 2017 Flooded still!
  • April 30 2017 Flooded!
  • April 23 2017 Myers with the outright $16 Howard with handicap $16
  • April 16 2017 Stephen with the outright low but Myers taking the $ and Tate for the handicap money. Myers $16 Tate $16
  • April 09 2017 Myers $10 and Jonathan Kuhn $10
  • April 02 2017Another great Blue day with Vee tying his 'New Blue' record of 48 and Austin taking the handicap. $16 Vee $16 Austin
  • March 26 2017Even with an ECO in Kinston there were 12 baggers out with Barber taking the outright and Phillip the handicap. $9 Barber $9 Phillip
  • MArch 19 2017You know it's spring when 6 new baggers show up! 21 out altogether and Vee reclaiming the #1 tag and Charles winning the handicap playoff with Austin. $19 Vee $ 19 Charles
  • Mar 12 2017 Just 8 baggers out in the light snow as many were at camp Durant. Rob taking top honorsover VEE and Myers and AJ taking his first hndicap win. Rob $8 AJ $8
  • Mar 05 2017 20 out for blues! Max back in full form taking the #1 tag and Charles the Handicap. $19 Max $19 Charles
  • Feb 26 2017 The top three tags were in Wilmington with Nick keeping the #4 and Charles winning a throw off with Dan. $15 Nick and $15 Charles
  • Feb 19 2017 Vee back on top with the #1. Juan winning the handicap CTP with Howard. $22 Vee $22 Juan
  • Feb 12 2017 Myers blowing past the rest by five strokes on a windy day and setting a bagger white tee record of 42 for the new white tees. He also won the CTP throw off to take all the money $ 38 Myers
  • Feb 05 2017 18 out for blues and less than 40 degrees! Vee defending the #1 with a new layour record 48. AJ and Dan with a throw off for the handicap and AJ taking it. Vee $17.50 AJ Sours $17.50
  • January 29 2017 Great January crowd for Blues! New gal MaryBeth Hayes and the ECU boys here. Vee back to the #1 tying Nick but have the lower start tag and McRorie knocking out the handicap. $8.50 Vee and Nick $17 McRorie
  • January 22 2017 Myers #1 defense #1 Myers $7 Charles $7
  • January 15 2017 Massive turnout 26! Jason $22 Will Prescott $22
  • January 08 2017 Crazy cold and windy and still 9 baggers out! Rob $13.50 McRorie $4.50
  • January 01 2017 A new year and same old Sunday Bagger spirit with 10 out in the rain and 40's temp! Vee tying Rob to start the year with the #1 tag and winning the $ throwoff as Adam retrieving his old form to take the handicap. $10 Vee $10 Adam
  • December 25 2016 Even on Christmas five baggers out with Jessica Nolan Scott Stephen and Charles even playing blues! Stephen taking $5
  • December 18 2016 Amazing 24 baggers out for a warm but windy White tee round. Hamby going out in style with a #1 tag one more time! Hamby $24 and Will Prescott $24
  • December 11 2016 Great post DEPC crowd at 18 for white 18 holes. Three 10 down 44's and Jarrett sneaking past with 11 down 43! Jarrett $15 Austin $15
  • December 04 2016 DEPC with a near complete Sunday Bagger sweep of AM trophies!! For the Sunday Blue round it was Vee and Howard with 54's Vee $20 and Howard $20
  • November 27 2016 15 out for the last DEPC prep though no tags under 10 present. Myers $15 and Ivan $15
  • November 20 2016 Just 11 out for 20 hole whites with Nick taking the outright and Pat with handicap. Nick $11 Pat $11
  • Nov 13 2016 14 Baggers out for 19 White Holes with Vee defending the #1 tag but Max taking 3/4 of the money :-) Vee $7 Max $14
  • Nov 6 2016 15 Blue Baggers out and the end of the Conway Era! . Vee $13 Dan $13
  • October 30 2016 $24 Vee taking it all
  • October 23 2016 Hurricaine Matthew!!
  • October 16 2016 Hurricaine Matthew!!
  • October 09 2016 Hurricaine Matthew!!
  • October 02 2016 Spencer $16 Pat $8 Myers $8
  • September 25 2016 Vee $19 McRorie $19
  • September 18 2016 Vee $14 won it all
  • September 11 2016 Jarrett $10 Howard $10
  • September 04 2016 Scott $14 PJ $14 in a throw off
  • August 28 2016 Scott $13 Kne C $13
  • August 21 2016 Myers $8 Ken C $8
  • August 14 2016 Vee $14.50 Ken $14.50
  • July 31 2016 $5 Myers $5 Charles H
  • July 24 2016 $34 Max wins it all 14 down
  • July 17 2016 Vee $8 Howard $8
  • July 10 2016 Myers Mix and Match No $ Jarrett with the #1 tag and the handicap
  • July 03 2016 Just 10 Blue Baggers out on a hot humid Sunday as Adam found his groove. Adam $10 Camby $10
  • June 26 2016 Just 7 Baggers out not at the ECO in Rocky Mount outright Nick $5 handicap Tate $5
  • June 19 2016 13 out for a gorgeous morning of Father's Day whites. Hamby back to #1 and I took the handicap. $12 Hamby $ Jim
  • June 12 2016 !9 out with the 1 back in and Vee needing an ACE on the final hole for the win. $Vee 15 Ryan $15
  • June 5 2016 Blues and lovely weather. Vee $14 Young $4
  • May 29 2016 Rainy Sunday with most baggers in Kinston. Myers takes it all again $10 Myers
  • May 15 2016 14 out for Blues as Myers edges by everyone with a 45 to take both pots. Myers $26
  • May 8 2016 13 out for the Mother's Day edition with Jarrett taking the #1 for the first time against a tough field with Young and McRorie splitting the handicap pool. Jarret $12 McRorie $6 Young $6
  • May 1 2016 Small Blue crew as many were in Ahoskie. Ken taking the outright again and the handicap! Ken $16
  • April 24 2016 ECO event tag only. Vee taking it with a 46
  • April 17 2016 ECO Layout for ECO prep so no handicap factor just tags. Ken the outright at 51.
  • April 10 2016 19 baggers out for whites with new bagger Mark Sanders. Vee $17 Doni $8.50 Cooper $8.50
  • April 03 2016 20 baggers out Blues! Hamby only 2 off record pace to win the outright and Cooper bringing in the handicap. Hamby $18 Cooper $18
  • March 27 2016 With pretty much the whole crew in New Bern for the ECO it was jast Tate and his Zephyr Tate $2
  • March 20 2016 One more blast of cold as the VTI made for a scarcity of top tags with Hamby's hot 11 down just getting him the #7 tag. Hamby $14 Cooper $14
  • March 13 2016 Scott back after a few weeks away shooting a hot 13 down to keep the #1 tag and Pat's 10 down busting him up front witht the #3 tag and the handicap money. $17 Scott $17 Pat
  • March 06 2016 Cool and breezy and despite the ECU team at Clemson and many at Camp Durant we still managed to get 13 out! The tag situation was a bit brutal though with 7 tags 25 and higher. Mark Barber had a personal bagger best to tie Myers for the outright with Jason taking the throw off for the money and with Mark taking the handicap outright. $10 Jason $10 Mark Barber
  • February 28 2016 17 Baggers and visiting hall of famer Sean Gough. Decent weather and a little wind for some Blue tees and the first ever screw up regarding which layout we were playing totally my fault :-( When all was said and done a 3 way shoot out for handicap between Pat Max and Tate with Max taking it. Vee $16 max $16
  • February 21 2016 Awesome weather brought 16 out. Welcome back to Fred. The top 4 tags all help there position Rob $13 Doni $14
  • February 14 2016 Coldest baggers of the winter but still 14 out! A big 5 way shoot out for handicap with Camby and Tate a tie in the CTP throw off. Nick $11 and $5.50 Camby and Tate
  • February 7 2016 Rain and 36 and still 9 hardcore baggers out. Max crushed it with an 11 down white round despite the weather. $ 12 Max
  • January 31 2016 Great weather and a great crowd for Alt basket Blue tees with Vee and Scott the only two in the forties with Scott's 45 taking it. Ryna had his bagger best for the handicap. $16 Scott $16 Ryan
  • January 24 2016 32 degrees and still 17 baggers out! Nick fought the wind to blow past the field and take all the money with a very solid 10 down. $32 Nick
  • January 17 2016 BRUTAL upper 30's rain and wind! Myers still pulling off a 48 to take the #1 $10 Myers
  • January 10 2016 Windy but wonderfully warm as 18 Baggers were out for White Tee alt baskets with the 1 through 5 tags all up as Rob Gerard finally landed the #1 tag after several near misses in the past. His 10 down took it by two with Nick Max Vee and Myers all shooting 46"s. $36 Rob
  • January 3 2016 Vee starting the year strong with an *Blue record tie at 44 taking all the money as it should be. $28 Vee
  • December 27 2015 Another super warm day to finish out Baggers 2015 with 15 out for Alt Basket Blue tees some hot shooting and a legit battle for the #4 5 and 6 2015 Overall tags. Nick finished strong with a 46! That was good enough to take the outright and the handicap money. $25 Nick
  • December 20 2015 Cold but much nicer than expected as 17 Baggers were out. It took a 39 on original whites to get the #1 tag again as his V ness claimed it for the third time in recent weeks. Lots of good shooting in fact you had to do 9 down or better to get a top 10 tag. Doni knocked 4 off his personal best to tie Vee for the handicap but lost in a throw off to Vee. $ 30 Vee
  • December 13 2015 What awesome weather!! 21 Baggers out for white tees Alt baskets with Gough making a quest appearance and two new baggers and Erin rapping the ladies. For the second time in two months Chris Hamby blew past the Pros this time shooting a 15 down 39! Then won the handicap shootout like Jake Trump to take all the money. $36 Hamby
  • December 6 2015 Fun Blue day with 15 baggers out including the return of Robert Avery! Vee had his first #1 tag defense in a 3 way tie with Rob and Nick with Rob wiing the $ shootout and there a fiur way handicap throw off with Nick Rob Zack and Adam and Nick taking that one. $13 Nick $13 Rob
  • November 29 2015 Good blue shooting but Conway still blew past the pack with a 46. A three way handicap shootout between Bert Barber and Joe went to Mark Barber. $15 Conway $15 Barber
  • November 22 2015 Thanks Tate Ken and Doni for coming out in the cold rain in true Sunday Bagger spirit! Stay hungry to improve. Gotta have that rain game. $4 Jim $4 Doni
  • November 15 2015 Vee taking the #1 for the first time in 2015. New Bagger Ryan jumping right in and taking the handicap. Vee $7 Ryan $7
  • November 8 2015 Ken and Pat keeping it alive while everyone else was off to ECO in New Bern or Forrest Hills Open representing well in both events.
  • November 1 2015 12 Baggers out for DEPC aftermath round from the blues. Good Shooting all around with a three way handicap tie between Adam Bert and Camby with Adam winning and Max taking the overall. Max $10 and Adam $10
  • October 25 2015 DEPC with Sunday Baggers large and in charge! Scott Conway killed it with a ridiculous 20 hole 46 and another *Blue Record due to playing # from the purple tees. Scott $40
  • October 18 2015 Spencer Hill winning a double CTP throw off to take all the $ Spencer $28
  • October 11 2015 Chris Hamby taking the #1 for the first time and the handicapas well! $26 Hamby
  • October 04 2015 Blues under tough conditions with Nick killing it to keep the top tag. Nick $8 and Camby $8
  • September 27 2015 Windy blues with Nick taking the potright and Joe Young the handicap. Nick $7 Joe $7
  • September 20 2015 Rob $7 Fred $7
  • September 13 2015 19 Baggers out for windy round of 20 whites! Scott with defense #3 with Nick tieing at 13 and winning the throw off for the handicap money. Nick's 47 was also good enough for half the handicap pot with Fred. Nick $26 and Fred $9
  • September 06 2015 Just 9 out as the Castle Hayne ECO event pulled a few away. Rob took the overall and Joe Young the handicap! Rob $7 Joe $7
  • August 30 2015 19 BAggers out for blues with some hot shooting as Conway defended #1 for the second time. Spencer took the handicap. Welcome to new bagger Jake Trump. Scott $17 Hill $17
  • August 23 2015 12 Baggers out for the ECO Tour since they played pure Blue it will count in the tag number and handicap action. Scott with #1 defense #1 $20 Conway
  • August 16 2015 13 Baggers out on a lovely day of whites. Adam and Austin continued their hot runswith Adam taking the outright and #2 tag and Austin edging him out by one for the handicap. $13 Adam $13 Austin
  • August 09 2015 21 Baggers out on a glorious Sunday for whites. Three new Sunday baggers as Conway took the #1 tag again and the top 10 tags just shuffled but hung together. We were able to retire the #50 42 and 41 which hurt no ones feelings. Adam continued on with his recent good play taking the handicap. $18 Conway $18 Adam
  • August 2 2015 12 baggers out for blue week two and Vee was in a class by himself taking the outright by 7 strokes! Vee $ 12 Adam $ 12 Austin and Adam they were going to play Match play to decide a winner.
  • July 26 2015 7 Baggers out for blues with Rob keeping the top tag with the outright at 3 down and Mar U with the handicap. $5 Rob G $5 Mark U
  • July 19 2015 15 Baggers out before it got too hot! Max and Vee ran away from the pack sharing both outright and handicap at 11 down. Max took all the handicap $ in a throw off. Welcome to two new baggers Joe "that running guy" Young and Edward Owens. Max $21 Vee $7
  • July 12 2015 15 Baggers out for some beautiful weather white tees as Nick broke through Scott's defenses of the #1 with a 14 down. Adam took the handicap. Nick $15 Adam $15
  • July 05 2015 A hot shooting Blue tee week with 4 sub 50 rounds! Max Kept top honors tying Jordan at 45. Will Sherrill on his farewll visit took the handicap. Max $6 Jordan $6 Will $12
  • June 26 2015 Just 8 out for blues as Myers took top honors with a 53 and Brandon took the handicap. And Houston got totally ripped off by getting the 33 for a 57 and Rob the 8 for a 56! Myers $8 Brandon $8
  • June 21 2015 14 Baggers out as Conway had #1 defense #3 and Jessica Miller had #1 defense #2. Some pretty hot shooting as Max and Conway tied at 12 down and Erin took the handicap money. Max $ 7.50 Conway $7.50 Jessica $2 Erin $15
  • June 14 2015 Just 7 baggers out as many were at Zebulon Ching and Zing. Fred found himself back at the top of the heep for the first time since surgery and took all the money. Fred $ 14
  • June 07 2015 Fourteen baggers out for Blue tees! Jordan with the only sub 50 round and Blake was back on his game with handicap win. Jordan $14 Blake $14
  • May 31 2015 A whopping 21 baggers out on a gorgeous Sunday for Blue tees. Seven top 10 tags but it wasn't even close as Scott had his second #1 tag defense. Adam had one of his rare ON days at Baggers to sneak past Rob and Bryan for the handicap money. Scott $21 Adam $21
  • May 24 2015 Scott $10 Housto $10
  • May 17 2015 Gorgeous day brought 15 baggers out including new Baggers Mark Barber abd Camby Abell along with the return of Ben O! Conway blew past the pack with a 13 down to take the #1 tag Gough vacated. That's right Sean Gough has left the building and taking his Bagger legend to Raleigh. Brandon had his bagger best to take the handicap. Conway $15 Brandon $15
  • May 10 2015 Nope Nothing Nada
  • May 3 2015 Big crew on a beautiful ay for blues with Jordan taking it all again. Jordan $32
  • April 26 2015 Just 4 out as most were in Rocky Mount for the ECO MYers taking the overall $3 and Mcrorie $3
  • April 19 2015 Eleven Baggers out for windy cloudy whites. Welcome to our newest pro bagger Jordan Mallard who promptly took the outright and the handicap with a 10 down to start his bagger career off right :-) Jordan $22
  • April 12 2015 19 Baggers out for whites as Jim E, D3 and Hamby were off at the Dogwood. Gourgeous weather as Gough edged out four 48's for the #1 tag and Mark U with a bagger best to take the handicap. $ 18 Goo $19 Uvalle
  • April 5 2015 Gorgeous Easter Sunday found 14 baggers out today including D3 in town and newbie Bryan Cooper. The lead card was NOT on fire but the scorecard was right after the round (for real) Max taking the outright with 10 down and me the handicap at 9 down. Max $13 Jim $13
  • March 29 2015 Just 8 Baggers out for end of the month Blues and it was all Conway reclaiming the #1 tag with a hot 48 and Wallace a personal best 56 to take the handicap. Scott $7 Wallace $7
  • March 22 2015 19 Baggers out even with the Azalea and VTI happening. A bit windy round of all whites with Vee and Myers taking honors with 11 down and Chris Hamby at 8 down took the handicap money. Welcome to new bagger Brandon Atkins $ 9.50 Vee $9.50 Myers $ 18 Hamby
  • March 15 2015 March Mando Madness enough said.
  • March 08 2015 11 Baggers out on a beautiful Sunday with Goo back in warm weather form shouting a 39 to take back the #1 tag and edging past TJ and I for the handicap. $ 22 Sean
  • March 01 2015 Between the ECO in Ahoskie and 35 degree light drizzle only three brave baggers out today. No tag change as Myers took the overall and Spencer the handicap. $ 2 Myers $ 2 Hill
  • Feb 22 2015 Turned out to be pretty nice Sunday for blues as 10 baggers came out bringing 7 top 10 tags! Conway led the pack to retake #1 with a personal bagger best 46 as Rob continued his tear shooting a personal bagger best 49 to take the handicap. Good shooting guys! Conway $10 Rob G $10
  • Feb 15 2015 Yep the YAHOO weather app said "Feels like 10" at tee time as Me Tate Nick and TJ sailed into the record books for coldest baggers round ever! The wind and cold did not stop Nick from shooting 8 down to blow past the rest of us as we each held on to our 4,6,11 and 15 tags. Nick $13 TJ $13
  • Feb 08 2015 Tate ran the show on a very windy Sunday with Rob taking the outright and splitting the handicap with Todd. $15.75 Rob $5.25 Todd
  • Feb 02 2015 19 Baggers out on a beautiful Feb Sunday and some white tee action.. While Scott and Gough battled down to the last putts to tie at 12 under Max had the second card sneak attack in effect to take the #1 tag with a nice 13 down! TJ edged Max for the handicap with a personal Bagger best 8 down! Thanks all! Max $18 TJ $18
  • Jan 25 2015 13 Baggers out for a lovely January Sunday of Blues with Goo edging Myers for the outright with a 48, Pat and I shooting personal bests and Hamby and Doni sharing the handicap. Goo $13 Doni $6.50 Hamby $6.50
  • Jan 18 2015 No Baggers round since the GVDG monthly was happenening as a 23 hole putter only round.
  • Jan 11 2015 A start temp in the 30's was not enough to hold back 14 baggers from a pure white round. Sean $13 Rob G $13
  • Jan 04 2015 Terrible weather and much of the crew in Jacksonville for the ECO #1 but Tate Jarrett and Mark U battled on Uvalle $3 Tate $1.50 Jarrett $1.50
  • Dec 28 2014 Congrats all on another fine Sunday Baggers season! Special thanks to all those that helped on Sundays I was gone, especially the Iron Bagger Jason Myers. Another day of great shooting from blue tees this week with Scott getting his third #1 tag defense and sealing the overall #2 spot for 2014 with a 47(Sean tied him at 47) and 4 baggers under 50!! Yep you had to shoot 980 rated plus to get a top 10 tag! Houston won the throw off for handicap against Austin. Houston $14.50 Scott $7.25 Sean $7.25
  • Dec 21 2014 11 baggers out on a frigid windish morn for White tee Baggers. Max was the man carding a 43 and taking all the money after he beat me in a throw off for the handicap money. One Sunday left and then 2014 Sunday Baggers will be in the books! Max $22
  • Dec 14 2014 Wow 20 Baggers out yesterday for mid December disc golf! I love NC! Hot shooting day where 10 down would only get you the 6th best tag at #15. Congrats on Scott with his second #1 defense and Rob tying him at 13 under with his personal best. Scott won the throw off and the baby jar was glad. Nate and Guy maxed out the handicap. Welcome back to Erin Pope now if we can just get two women on the same week! Scott $18 Nate $9 David $9
  • Dec 07 2014 Only 6 baggers out for coldish windy Blue tees. That didn't stop the hot shooting from Scott and Nick as Scott defended his #1 tag in a tie with Nick at 49! Scott $2.50 Nick $7.50
  • Nov 30 2014 Great weather for November Blue round with a nice Goo vs Conway battle for the #1 with Conway taking it back with a 49. Rob took the handicap and the 3 tag on his mission for a strong finish in the 2014 overall. Conway $9 Gerard $9
  • Nov 23 2014 Seven nonfarmlife baggers out and we stayed ahead of the rain. Pat Mallette stealthed it from the second card for a one bogie 12 down slipping past Rob on the last hole. Everyone shot sub 50 so there's that. Pat $14
  • Nov 16 2014 Nothing!
  • Nov 09 2014 Sean Gough tied the white tee record!!! A sweet 17 down from Sean overshadowed some nice shooting from David Guy and Alex Lorentz to take all the money! $26 Sean
  • Nov 02 2014 COLD and WINDY with many regulars in Jacksonville for the last ECO event. Rob dominated taking all the money with a 44. Rob $16
  • Oct 26 2014 Welcome to new bagger Alex Lorenz. Just 12 baggers out in a post DEPC haze. Vee handily took down the outright with Nate getting the handicap with no one else even close. Vee $12 Nate $12
  • Oct 19 2014 Just 11 of the ButtLoad of Sunday Baggers playing the DEPC managed to add their tags in the mix with Myers taking the outright and McRorie smashing the handicap. $20 Myers $20 McRorie
  • Oct 12 2014 17 Baggers out for 20 hole DEPC prep with Scott claiming the hot potato #1 tag and Todd reviving for a nice 9 down for the handicap win. $16.50 Scott $16.50 Todd
  • Oct 05 2014 21 Baggers out for 20 hole Blues! Two new baggers and one long lost returnee. New bagger Jarrett Wallace won the handicap and Gough reclaimed the #1 tag. Sean $19 Jarrett $19
  • Sep 28 2014 Many scattered here and there leaving just 3 Iron Baggers out for blues. Scott $3 Rob $3
  • Sep 21 2014 DEPC prep round of 20 though these are the 18 hole scores. Scott $7 Nick $7
  • Sep 14 2014 Just 12 Baggers on a beautiful morning for whites. The #1 tag continued its hot potato journey with Vee edging past Scott Nick and Jason. Jessica kept her #1 tag! Vee $11 Adam $12
  • Sep 07 2014 Combo day at the Meadow as many Baggers were playing the Disccraft Ace Race but 6 played the blues for standard baggers. Scott edged out Nick in the last couple holes to retake the #1 tag with a 47. Tj had his personal bagger best to take the handicap money. Scott $6 TJ $6
  • Aug 31 2014 12 Baggers out with Nick back in the saddle with a 48 from original Blues with Max three back. Adam Walter was on the hot round side of his volatile Baggers performances to take the handicap money. $12 Nick $12 Adam W
  • Aug 24 2014 Just 6 out as many were at the Jacksonville ECO event. Welcome to new lady Bagger Erin Pope!! Todd $8
  • Aug 17 2014 16 Baggers out on a beautiful weekend as they tore through the whites with Vee shooting a 39! Good enough for half the handicap besides the overall. Vee $23 Myers $7
  • Aug 10 2014 14 Baggers out for whites with only the empty threat of rain. Max and Adam tied for overall at 43 for Max to regain the #1 with Adam taking the handicap money. Jessica retained the #1 :-) Max $8 Adam $24
  • August 03 2014 34 Baggers wimped out on rainy Blue Tees today which left Me, Nick, ,Adam and Pat Franklin to greet the newest bagger Josh Jobson and catch up with former super bagger Tyler Morra who was back in town. Nick managed his first #1 tag defense and I took the handicap. Nick $3 Jim $3
  • July 27 2014 26 Baggers out for the ECO Tour Mix and Match at the Meadow with lots of it's own drama with a severe thunderstorm rain delay and lots of associated controversy. No controversy around the fact that Nick killed it with a 1012 rated 53 to not only reclaim the #1 tag but blow past the entire open field! Sean Vee Scott and Max also brought in sub 60 rounds!
  • July 20 2014 12 Baggers out plus J Clark for the unexpectedly controversial Mix and Match warm up. Good shooting all around as Myers edged past Nick and Conway for the #1 tag. Despite fairly relentless protests from Nick the sneak peak round managed to pay off handsomely on the 27th. Myers took it all though on the this Sunday $22 Myers
  • July 13 2014 16 Baggers out on a beautiful day with the 1,2 and 3 tags on the top card with a nice tight battle of their own as Nick came all the way from card three to take it all with a sweet 14 down 40. Jessica kept the ladies number #1 tag. Nick $29
  • July 06 2014 19 Baggers out for Blues which may be a non monthly blue record. Plenty of good shooting with Scott Conway barely edging Vee 48 to 49 to take the #2 which was the top tag. Jake Starr knocked 4 off his bagger best to take the handicap money. $!8.50 $18.50
  • June 29 2014 Just 7 baggers as many made the long trek to Castle Hayne for the ECO Tour one day and represented well! Back on the home front Bert and Jake tied at 52 with Jake winning the throw off. Chris Wallace cut 6 strokes off his previous bagger blue best to run away with handicap. $7 Jake $7 Wallace
  • June 22 2014 18 Baggers out on a hot muggy Sunday with 4 holes worth of rain as a bonus. Two new baggers Dustin Hope and Patrick Franklin. When the dust settled Sean edged past Fred for #1 tag defense number two and Fred had the handicap. Sean $17 Fred $17
  • June 15 2014 14 baggers out on the Father's Day pure white edition. The entire mens field shooting par or better! Scott and Nick kept the 4 and 5 which were the top tags available and we added new bagger Barry Hollis. Scott $12.50 Doni $12.50
  • June 08 2014 18 Baggers out for whites and beautiful weather. Sean defended the one tag with a blistering 39 that was also good enough to split the handicap pool with Spencer. $Sean 24 Spencer $8
  • JUNE 01 2014 19 Baggers out on a blue tee Sunday that saw most of the top 10 tags in play as Nick gave a good run at defending by besting 6 of the pros with a 50 but Sean was in good form and reclaimed the #1 with a 48. Jessica blasted past her personal best blue round to take the handicap money. Also welcome to new bagger Austin. Sean $16.50 Jessica $16.50
  • May 25 2014 Pat Mallette tying his personal Bagger best and taking all the money as he inched past Jason and Rob with a nice long birdie putt on 18. Pat $10
  • May 18 2014 Supper Bagger Nick Morreale blew past SIX pros with a 41 to take the #1 tag and all the money! Enough said. Morreale $ 33
  • May 11 2014 Mothers Day edition with 13 out including new baggers Daniel III and Dallas Tranum. Conway blew past the field by 5 stokes to take the #1 tag and all the money with a 40. Conway $25
  • May 4 2014 Just 4 baggers out as most of the crew was in New Bern for the ECO event at Creekside. Myers $ 4 Jessica $4
  • April 27 2014 10 Baggers out for blues on a beautiful day that saw many top tags away at the Club Challenge in New Bern. Joey Prokop returned after two years and become the first person to win the outright but not put money into the pool Max slipped past Myers with a long putt on the last hole to become 'the other' outright winner. TJ edged past Nate and Doni for the handicap win. Max $7 TJ $7 *Joey $5* because I felt bad for him and he did bring back his tag after two years
  • April 20 2014 Nick $10.50 Doni $10.50
  • April 13 2014 Mills $18 Doni $18
  • April 06 2014 Sean $10 TJ $10
  • March 30 2014 Windy misty rain and unexpected cold were not enough to deter 15 Sunday Baggers. Myers was back in pro form tying Gough's 46 to share the outright money as Sean got the #1 tag back. Spencer had the only other under 50 round at 48. Doni had his best round to get the handicap money. Gough $7.50 Myers $7.50 Doni $ 15
  • March 23 2014 Even with the bagger away teams at the VTI and Azalea there were 13 baggers out for a VERY windy round of whites with Vee keeping the #2 tag with a 46 and Spencer taking the handicap money with a sweet 47 while everyone else was 50 and beyond. Welcome to newest bagger Kyle Sheely. Vee $12 Spencer $12
  • March 16 2014 20 people out on March 15th with pretty good weather. The rain stayed away but the wind was fierce. Nate and Joe Bruno returned from long hiatuses and Stephen Gough and Brian Rose made their debuts. A different Tracy Myers Wilkerson Gough (goo) won it all though as Sean shot a 41 to scoop ALL the money. Fred (Jane McAllister) also got paid as he aced number 17 in the alt position and collected $10 dollars from his group. Goo... $37 Fred... $10 Myers... -$7
  • March 9 2014 11 Baggers out on a lovely but windy Sunday with the 1 2 and 3 tags all present. Mills had his first #1 tag defense as he and Vee shot 43's both edging past Pat Mallette's personal best 44 so he blew everyone out on the handicap and left with the #3 tag. Mills $11.50 Pat $11.50
  • March 2 2014 Just 3 baggers holding down the fort as 16 were tearing it up in Rocky Mount. Pat Mallette got his first opportunity to take it winning overall and handicap! Pat $4
  • February 23 2014 Beautiful weather brought out 18 baggers and some very hot White tee shooting with Conway Gough and Bowen shooting 40 41 and 42! Too bad the # 1 2 and 3 tags were not there. Scoot's 40 got the outright and Ethan 's personal best 42 got the handicap money. Conway $17.50 Ethan $17.50
  • February 16 2014 Just 6 baggers out as MANY were at the Ahoskie one day with baggers taking 3 of the top 4 OPEN spots! and cashing in adv and intermediate. Back at the Meadow Spencer Hill gets his first outright win with a 45 and the handicap money! Spencer $11
  • February 09 2014 17 baggers out on February 9th. We played all whites (8W-10G-13R). Jake Dark Star Orchestra took the Handicap money with a 47 and Myersan took the Overall money with a 45. Not terribly good scores this morning... We did have 6 out of the top 10 tags this morning even with some baggers trying their skill at Buckhorn. Myers won $17 and Jake won $16.
  • February 02 2014 Great Bagger Sunday with 20 out for the blue tees! Nine of the top ten tags were there and we added another new bagger, Houston. Scott's #1 tag defend streak was snapped by Mills with a 49 edging out Bert and Vee at 50 and Scott and Sean at 51. Among the Ams Nick had the hot hand at 52 and that was good enough to split the Handicap money with Jessica. Mills $18 Jessica $18
  • January 26 2014Just 9 baggers out as many rocker the Ripper in New Bern. Bert bumped up to #3 with the outright at 47 and Matt Taylor took the handicap money. $6 Bert $6 Matt T
  • January 19 2014 Eleven baggers out for Guys one disc extravaganza with Max kicking it on the 22 hole putter round. Tag only round.
  • January 12 2014 Conway #1 tag defense #3 with a pretty sweet 41. Nick took the handicap money and the #4 tag. Conway $7 Nick $7
  • Janury 05 2014 A beautiful morning for 18 Sunday Baggers out to welcome in a new year of disc golf. The conditions and the pins in the shorts contributed to a record 8 way throw off for the handicap money and even that was close. Jason, Max, Nolan, Pat, West, Wallace, Tate and Jessica were throwers and after multiple step offs the handicap money was split by Tate and Jessica. Max and Sean tied for the overall with some nice 47's. $8.50 each to Sean, Max, Tate and Jessica.
  • December 29 2013 Only 4 true baggers out as 27 fair weather baggers avoided the blue tees in the pouring rain and very windy conditions. Highlights included it raining so hard on 6 you couldn't see the parking lot, Jessica's broken umbrella looking more like a petunia then an umbrella, swirling winds that sent discs in every direction on 12 and 13 and of course putting in ankle deep water on 10 and 14. Still a jolly good disc golf time had by myself Pat Rob and Jessica. Jessica took the handicap money for the second week in a row and Rob took the overall to keep the only top 10 tag. Rob $3 Jessica $4
  • December 22 2013 A BEAUTIFUL day brought out 16 baggers to see Audrey make her farewell debut and Jessica tear it up to take the handicap money. Scott Conway got #1 tag defense #2! Conway $16 Jessica $16
  • December 15 2013 Beautiful day for mid December brought out 16 baggers to see Conway with his first #1 tag defense holding off Max who brought his A game and tied Scott's 11 down. Rob's 9 down was good enough to tie Max for the handicap money with Max winning the throw off. Max and Conwy split the overall money Max $22.50 Conway $7.50
  • December 8 2013 Ah the power of the #1 tag to bring out 9 Baggers in the 38 degrees misting rain Pretty damn hot shooting for the conditions on the pure white course with Conway's 11 down barely edging past Ethan and Jake with 10 down as Scott Conway picked up the #1 for the second time in a month. Jake smashed his previous bagger best to take the handicap money. Conway $ 9 Jake $ 9
  • December 1 2013 Twelve baggers out for Blues on what turned out to be a lovely day. Four top 10 tags up for grabs as pros Mills and Bert had the only scores in the 40 with Mills retaining the #3. Matt inched out Jessica by one for the handicap money. Mills $11.50 Matt $11.50
  • November 24 2013 Nine brave baggers out in the 15+ mph wind and wind chill near 20. High drama as Bert William finally joined us and went to last hole(#2) needing just to par to take the #1 tag on his first outing only to dink the basket from 25ft. He and Myers tied at 7 down so Myers reclaimed the #1. Fred and I pressured them with 6 downs. Eric Jackson returned to the bagger line up nearly taking the handicap pool. Myers $4.50 Bert $4.50 Jim E $9
  • November 17 2013 18 Baggers out on a beautiful fall day for some white tee action. Where was Fred! Sean blew by the entire field by four throws with a 39 to keep the #2 and take all the money! Jessica kept the #2 tag as neither men's or ladies # 1 tags were out. Sean $ 38.
  • November 10 2013 A beautiful fall Sunday saw just seven baggers out as many regulars were at the TCP challenge. Myers edged past Vee with a 12 down 42 to Vee 43. I took the handicap with a 9 down 45. Myers $7 Jim E $7
  • November 03 2013 11 Baggers out on a very windy Sunday to se Fred come back and kick butt with a 45 from the Blues. That was good enough to take the handicap money as well. Erin kept the #2 Ladies tag barely missing the handicap money. Fred $20
  • October 27 2013 Only 7 baggers out on a beautiful Sunday. Back to 18 holes and it was white week as Scott Conway with a 43 became the 13th bagger to win the #1 tag! David Guy wasn't far behind with a 45 to take the handicap money. $ 7 Conway $ 7 Guy
  • October 20 2013 Down East Players Cup and lots of bagger glory with 21 baggers playing and 16 cashing with wins in Advanced Intermediate Rec and Intermediate Women! Awesome showing. For the Sunday am tag round Sean and Adam tore it up with 56 and 57 for 20 blues. Great showing guys!
  • October 13 2013 Last DEPC prep with 20 Whites as Nick continues to race toward an advanced win and took the top tag with a 43 (48 20 holes) splitting the handicap pool also with Nolan shoooting his bagger best 46 (51 20 holes) Nick $18 Nolan $6 .
  • October 6 2013 14 Baggers out for 20 holes of DEPC prep including a special guest appearance by Jeff Stroud. Mills and Max tied at 54 with Mills getting the #1 tag since he had the lower tag coming into the round. Nolan and myself had personal personal blue bests and his 58 was good enough to edge out Max for the handicap money. Jessica hung in for the second week of 20 bagger blues! and kept the #2 ladies tag. Nolan $12.50 Mills $6.25 Max $6.25
  • September 29 2013 Windy sunny Sunday with 13 Baggers out for 20 Blue tees. Welcome to newest bagger Pat Mallette and guest appearance by Jeb to slip past Mills with a 55 and take the overall money. Guy blew away his Blue best score with a 58 and took the #3 tag! Jeb $11 Guy $11
  • September 22 2013 RAIN and lots of baggers at the Craven Chains.
  • September 15 2013 Another beautiful day for 20 holes of white tees. FINALLY a playoff for the #1 Ladies tag with Jessica coming on strong early but Erin out lasting her for a 1 stroke win and first defense of the Women's #1! Nick and Vee tied at 10 down and split the overall money and Kevin shot a personal best 6 down to take the handicap money. Nick $7 Vee $6 Kevin $13
  • September 08 2013 20 Baggers out for 20 holes of beautiful weather White tees. Sean cruised to an easy defense of the #1 tag with a 13 down ahead of Mills with an 11 down. 100% of the men shot below par which may be a first for a group this size. A big welcome to our newest Lady Bagger Jessica Miller who got and kept the #2 tag She also canned about a fifty foot putt on one for a nice birdie so she has to come back Will Pittman shot 7 down and ran away with the handicap pool. Sean $19 Will P $19
  • September 01 2013 11 Baggers out for 20 blues! Max lit it up with an 8 down 52 and took all da money! No big tag order shack ups. Max $20
  • August 25 2013 22 Baggers out for the monthy playing 20 from the blues for tag only. Sean tied Max with 55 but got the #1 tag since he came in with the #2. Vee and Conway were the only other subpar scores on a tough windy morn.
  • August 18 2013 9 baggers out on threat of rain Sunday. Blues! Mills defended the #1 tag with no one within 5 strokes. Guy took handicap with a super sweet 55. Mills $9 Guy $9
  • August 11 2013 18 baggers out on a beautiful summer day. We played the White Tees with purple on 8, Purple on 10, and left on 13. Mills stopped the Goo Train in its tracks by shooting a 40. He scooped both pots for $34.
  • August 04 2013 Beautiful windy day with a flip to white again. Sean yet again defended the #1 sneaking past Max and his 43 with a 42. Welcome to Mike Taylor who jumped right into the #10 tag and brother Matt with the #8. Sean $11.50 Max $11.50.
  • July 28 2013 10 baggers out on a lovey Sunday as Sean easily defended the #1 tag again with a 44 from the white tees. Rob and I tied for handicap and he won the throw off on hole #1
  • July 21 2013 12 Baggers out for yet another White round and two new baggers joined the crew Ethan Bowers and Matt Taylor. There was a three way tie at 47 for the outright money and Todd won the throw off. Rob won handicap.
  • July 14 2013 12 Baggers out on another nice day and once again the flip went to white. Two new serious baggers Nolan Grant and Josh Webb managed to take top 20 tags in their Sunday debut. Mills and Myers tied fot the overall and Guy and Myers for the handicap though no one wanted to throw off. Myers $10 Mills $5 Guy $5
  • July 07 2013 16 Baggers out on a beautiful Sunday. Brandon Brewington is our newest bagger plus PJ and Nate Jacob rejoined the crew. As an added bonus Scott Conway jumped, up from SC. Sean yet again managed to inch past Vee and Fred to keep the #1 tag with a 47 (we played 20) the three of them also were tied for handicap and Sean won the throw off on #1 to take all the money. Sean $26
  • July 2013 Several folks at the Ching and Zing and apparently RAIN kept the rest of the baggers away. Sad :-(
  • June 23 2013 7 out today. We played the White pads. Goo took it with a 42. Nick and Goo tied for handicap. Erin was the only lady out playing. PJ made a surprise appearance. : ) : Goo $9 Nick $3
  • June 16 2013 Only three Baggers out for the Father's Day edition as several regulars were at the Bark Bust in Rocky Mount and of course it was Father's Day . Guy and I tried to keep Jason in check but he wore us down and won both pots with an 11 under 43 while Guy and could only manage 5 and 6 down. Jason $4
  • June 09 2013 12 baggers out today in beautiful weather. Two new baggers (Joe Bruno and Lucas Wall) came to play as well. David Guy flipped for the whites and we played white on 8 and 10 as well. Mills had the best score with a 43 but the real story was Jim West who had his personal bagger best and won the handicap money as well. Mills ($10) Jim W ($10)
  • June 02 2013 10 Baggers out and a special appearance by Biggs down from Virginia to make it 11. Played 20 whites with Nick Morreale continuing his hot streak tied Vee for the overall and edged out Rob and I for the handicap. Nick $13 Vee $5
  • May 26 2013 Myers Myers and more Myers as most of the baggers were kicking butt in Kinston. Myers $2
  • May 19 2013 Eight baggers out for blast through the whites on a windy day. Myers took the overall and Rob won the throw off with me for the handicap. $8 Myers $8 Rob G
  • May 12 2013 Only seven baggers out for the Mother's Day addition. Holiday rules white tees. I knocked a couple strokes off my personal best with a 43 to take the outright for the first time ever and the handicap as well. Welcome to Kevin Plotkin our newest bagger. Jim $12
  • May 5 2013 Only four baggers out this morning as I am sure that many were recovering from the Member Appreciation Monthly that took place yesterday. No change in tag order... We played Whites but hole 10 was Gold. Myers and Adam Walter shot 47 to tie for the Overall. Myers won the Playoff and $3. Adam and Jake Starr (52) tied for the Handicap so they split $3. Nick Morreale (50) donated. It was a little breezy but the rain stayed away...
  • April 28 2013 After 3 years and 7 weeks Jason Myers Blue Tee record of 45 finally fell today with Sean Gough's 44. Quite a feat as we had some decent wind and played purple 10, long 11 and 12 and right on 13. Congrats! Overshadowed but not unnoticed Rob Gerard knocked 4 off his personal best with a 54 and Spencer Hill 3 with a 51. Sean $20
  • April 21 2013 Nine baggers out on a very windy day. Whites again as Fred took the outright with a 45 and Ben O took the handicap with a bogie free personal best 49. Fred $9 Ben $9
  • April 14 2013 A beautiful day with 13 Baggers out with Millsie shooting a new white tee bagger RECORD of 37 that included an ace on # 5. We played 8 purple 10 blue and 12 and 17 in the long positions making the new record extra sweet. Chris Wallace had a personal best 48 and Waylin had a nice 45. Audrey was all alone today so took the boosted ladies pot. Mills $34 Audrey $11
  • April 7 2013 Vee $7
  • March 31 2013 Sean $6 Rob G $6
  • March 24 2013 Nobody braved the cold rain! Weenies.
  • March 17 2013 Sean $24 outright and handicap
  • March 10 2013 We love Jeb and his glory will live on as long as Sunday Baggers but it was time after more than a month for the #1 tag to go back in circulation. A beautiful day and the flip went to Blue as Sean Vee Myers and Mills all made a dash for the #1 while Me, Ben O and Spencer not so much. It was never close though with Sean ending with the only score in the 40's (47) $14 Sean
  • March 03 2013 Battle of the B tier as many of the regular top guns were playing in the regional team challenge. We played all whites on a windy moderately cold day. Spencer had the hot round with a 46 while Jake Starr and Chris Walace had a shoot out (twice ) for the handicap money with Chris taking it. Spencer $7 Wallace $7
  • Feb 24 2013 Sean Gough fought back today and scooped both pots with a smokin' 45 from the whites (20 holes played). We did play purple on 8 and 10. 12 people showed up to play so Goo won $ 24 bucks...
  • Feb 17 2013 SNOW (so we played whites with mando :-( ) and very windy wihich made it VERY cold but not too cold for 9 baggers to come out and donate to the Myers wins it all two weeks in a row fund. Mills jumped back in the top 10 but mostly the tag order stayed about the same. Myers $18
  • Feb 10 2013 Blues for the first time in months and we actually played the entire course without alterations. ‎4 baggers braved it today with many of the faithful, including James Engleman Jr, at the Buckhorn Open in New Hill, North Carolina. The tags up for grabs were 4, 8, 22, and 27. Myers scooped all the money by shooting a 49. Fred (55), Will Pittman (Bagger Best 58), and Mike Simone 60. Myers won $6 We played the
  • Feb 03 2013 Seven hardy baggers out for the whites were rewarder with rain sleet AND snow for the last few holes. Sean defended the #3 tag ;) while Adam Walter had a personal best 44 to take the handicap money. Sean $7 Walter $7
  • Jan 27 2013 3 baggers out today. It was cool in the sunlight and cold and wet under the trees. Myers kept the top tag #6 with a 49. David Guy kept the #15 tag with a 54. Matt gets to keep rocking his 43 tag while shooting a personal best 58. Matt won the handicap dollar and Myers took the overall dollar.
  • Jan 20 2013 Jeb Bryant delayed his departure from Baggers to snap Sean's streak of #1 tag defenses at 7. He also took all the money coming in with a 41 to Sean's 43. Jeb has promised to come back in two weeks for a #1 tag defense. Jessica Avery Wilson held on to the #1 tag. Also Richard Biggs and Kelly have moved to Virginia though I believe Biggs kept his souvenir #4 tag ;-). Jeb $ 23
  • Jan 13 2013 Sean Gough finally broke Justin Kingery's record of 6 defenses of the #1 tag today in a fantastic battle that saw he and Mills tie with 42 each. The third time in his streak he has been tied but not beaten. Congrats. Jim West continued his move taking the handicap money for the second week in a row. Jim West $10 Mills $5 Sean $5
  • Jan 06 2013 A cool dreary day with intermitent light sprinkles that kept the timid away and allowed 8 hardly baggers to get through a round of blues in barely 2 hours! Myers as is generally the case was the blue master barely edging out Max Mills and Morreale. Jim West declared his intention to be 2013 Bagger of the Year by taking the handicap money with a personal best 58 knocking 6 strokes off his blue personal best!! Meyer's $8 West $8
  • Dec 30 2012 Cold and very windy conditions could not keep 17 Baggers away from the last Sunday Baggers of the year. Sean Gough was in a zone of his own shooting a 38! to tie the white record and the next was Vee 7 strokes back with a 45! Erin shoot a personal bagger best 57 to tie Sean for the handicap. Sean $ 24 Erin $ 8
  • Dec 23 2012 Max was the outright money winner there was a 4 way tie for the handicap money Audrey, Jim West, Allen Foster, and Bob Ward we had a play-off from the Blue #1 pad shooting at the #18 Basket. Bob Ward was CTP and won 7 Dollars after each of The handicapped Participants in the playoff shared 1 dollar. I had a great time, thanks, and any time you need help let me know. Happy Holidays! :) Max $8 Ward $7
  • Dec 16 2012 Round one of the monthly served as baggers today with a tag only no handicap round. Sean eeked out another #1 by tying Fred with a 45 from a fairly modified Blue round. There was even a semi-annual visit from the other Adam. (Baker)
  • Dec 09 2012 13 baggers out in fantastic weather amongst a bit of course destruction as the the new water line goes in. Able to play white tees with an alt tee for 13 and purple 9 and 10. Lots a good play today when 4 down would only get the #31 tag and it took 6 down to get in the teens. Nick Morreale took the outright and the #2 with a 45 and Rob G won the handicap shootout with Chris W. Welcome also to new bagger Pat Bowles of Ahoskie. $14 Nick M $14 Rob G
  • Dec 02 2012 Just 7 baggers out on a day when many were at the Robert Wynne Event. The flip went to white once again and I got to watch David Guy make every putt under 40 feet and one from 100 to take the outright and the handicap money with a 45. $14 Guy
  • Nov 25 2012 Nine baggers out on a cold breezy day. We still flipped and it was white. Sean racked up #1 defense #4 and Ben O had a personal best to bring in the handicap money. $9 Ben $9 Sean
  • Nov 18 2012 11 baggers out to play the Backwards Golf monthly for which round one was a no money tag only round. There was plenty of shake up of the tag order with Allen Foster and Todd leaping to top 10 and Adam Walter and I plummeting. Ah but there is always next week. No $ tag only round.
  • Nov 11 2012 15 baggers out with the return of Audrey and Waylin along with probable newcomer Wayne Wilson. Myers smoked the old true blue layout with a 47 and for the second week in a row no one was even close to him. There was though a huge pile up for the handicap money with Myers, Starr, Wallace, West and Ward all with 45 or less and Chris Wallace won the shoot out. $ 12 Myers $12 Wallace
  • Nov 04 2012 12 Baggers were out on a pretty cold day. Jessica kept the #1 womens tag and Myers handily won the men's side with Kacey taking the Handicap $. Myers $10 Kacey $8
  • Oct 28 2012 A washout due to Hurricaine Sandy :-(
  • October 21 2012 29 Baggers played in the DEPC and almost all participated in the tag round. Jessica kept the #1 ladies tag and Gough tied with Mills to keep the #1 tag for his forth defense and of of course winning Open Pro division. Will Pittman took the handicap money with a great 10 down 50. Congrats to all the baggers that participated in the very sucessful 8th Down East Players Cup! Sean $20 Will P $20
  • Oct 14 2012 11 Baggers out for a last shot at 20 Blues in the long positions. Gough handily defended the #1 with a 54! from 20 holes and Rob Gerard won the handicap.
  • October 7 2012 ‎14 Baggers out for 20 long whites on a cool and windy day. Gough and Jessica both held on to their #1 tags and Kacey had his bagger best to take the handicap money. Only one more baggers before the DEPC so come out for 20 long blues next Sunday. I am expecting a bagger sweep in all divisions at the DEPC so Get Ready! Mills $12 Kacey $12
  • September 30 2012 9 hardy baggers out for 20 in the longest configuration! Fred took honors with a 58 and Nick M's 62 was good enough for the handicap money. Welcome to new bagger Ben Overton. $8 Fred $8 Nick M Next week 20 White!
  • September 23 2012 Congrats to Jessica as our first #1 Lady Bagger as the gals now have there own tags. A windy day with 12 Baggers out total for 20 from the whites in the alt positions as Gough edged out Mills and Spencer Hill to retake the #1 tag. Jessica took the handicap $ edged out Biggs with his excellent 8 down. Next week BLUE 20 from the alt positions so count that as your warning! Gough $ 12 Jessica $12
  • September 16 2012 No Baggers due to Craven Chains and injuries and travel :-(
  • September 09 2012 19 Baggers out on a windy day of White tees (legit) to see Mills take back the #1 tag from Myers and deny Kurt as they tied with 44's but Mills had the low tag advantage. Myself and David Guy split the handicap with a couple other of sparse under 49 rounds. Our transformation to actual non sucking disc golfers is nearly complete. Mills $8 Kurt $8 Guy $8 Jim E $ 8
  • September 02 2012 ‎11 baggers showed up to play on Sunday September 2, 2012. Jim Engleman was busy coming in 17th at the US Masters. Myers defended the number 1 tag by tying Sean with a 42. They decided to split the cash. Jim West shot a smoking 49 to share the Handicap pool with Erin who shot a strong 58. They decided to split the cash. Myers $5.50 Sean $5.50 Jim W. $5.50 Erin $5.50. No throw offs! We played an all WHITE round with no alterations.
  • Aug 26 2012 Fifteen baggers out for a shot at Millsie's #1 tag. Flip went to blue but that was followed by a bloodless coup resulting in white tee play though I did include the mando on #10 out of spite. Myers regained the #1 tag edging out Fred's 44 with a 43 but Fred won the throw off for the handicap money between Myers's Fred and I. Also we welcomed back the honeymooner's Jessica and Kacey, Allen Foster and for the first time Kelly Biggs. Max hobbled by but is still a few weeks away from go status. Myers $14 Fred $14
  • Aug 19 2012 13 baggers out for a tag only round to coincide with the August monthly. Sean returned to action to take the #3 tag but other than that no shocking tag moves. Despite all the rain all around we managed to stay dry through both rounds!!
  • Aug 12 2012 Just 9 baggers out to see Jeb set a sort of new Blue record of 43. We'll probably keep the 45 as handicap low as the 43 used A and B instead of 8 and 14 due to flooding. Spencer jumped to #4 and Fred to #3 as they switched places with Myers and Blake. Jeb $18
  • Aug 05 2012 Congrats to Mills on taking the #1 tag for the first time with 14 Baggers out. We played the new #17 placement to mostly good reveiws and otherwise all short whites. Threw off for the handicap between Will Blake and I with me edging them out by a foot. Mills $12 Jim $12
  • July 29 2012 Only seven Baggers out as the core crew was at the Midtown Tourney (or preparing for surgery or moved away) Congrats to those that cashed! We played whites (legit coin flip) and Nick Morreale completed the long long journey from rec player to the #1 tag though it came down to the last shot as he and Todd battled it out. Jake Starr took the handicap money and we welcomed new bagger Robert Gerard. Nick $7 Todd $7
  • July 22 2012 12 baggers showed up on July 21, the day after the Worlds ended. Congratulations to Jeb Bryant and James Engleman Jr for top 35 finishes in their respected divisions and Nick Morreale for shooting a 994 rated round. We played the white tees except for purple on hole 8. The course was still in the alternate position. Jason Myers won the overall and the handicap for $24!!!
  • July 08 2012 Scorching hot again as 14 braved the heat and the whites one more time. Jeb took the outright by three with a 43. My 47 was good enough to get a handicap 40 and the money. If the temp is low 90's or below then we ARE going to play Blues next week. So bring your good stuff. Welcome to new bagger Chris Wallace. Jeb $13 Jim $13
  • July 01 2012 8 braved the heat on July 1, 2012 to play some Bagger Golf. The group decided (unanimously) to play the white tees and TD Myers had no disagreement. Many of our Bagger brothers were absent while seeking glory in Zebulon.
  • June 24 2012 16 Baggers out on a hot calm day and yes once again the coin flip went to the white tees. Mostly 40's as Justin took the outright for his last time as a Sunday Bagger (boo) with a 43 holding off Vee Fred and Mills. David Guy edged out several of us with a 10 birdie 48 for handicap 39. Justin $16 Guy $16
  • June 17 2012 18 Baggers out for the white tee Father's Day edition. Mills took the outright with a 41 to keep the #3 tag and half the handicap pot as well. Father Myers at least got half the handicap pool coming up like Vee one short of Mills. Mills $27 Myers $9
  • June 10 2012 17 people showed up for baggers on June 10, 2012. Weather was warm with very little wind. We reintroduced 2 new tags into the rotation so the worst tag that you could get was 27.Justin Kingery shot 15 under par but that was only good for 2nd place as Sean tied the course record with a 38 (-16) to retain the #1 tag once again. Jim West shot a smoking round to tie Sean for the Handicap pool. Sean $25 Jim West $9
  • June 03 2012 17 Baggers out on a windy sunny day. New bagger Jake flipped and got shorts. Only 4 scores below 40 with Vee taking the overall with a 44 and a three way split for the handicap money between Erin , Bob and Will all with handicap 42's. Vee $15 $5 each for Erin Bob and Will.
  • May 27 2012 Just five as most of the crew was supporting the King's Cup in Kinston. Tyler $5 Will P $5
  • May 20 2012 All Sean keeping the #1 tag and all the money. Sean $30
  • May 13 2012 13 baggers out on Mother's Day as Sean edged out Max to retake the #1 tag. Max and Sean split the handicap money. Two nnnew baggers Ryan and Alex Jacobson. Sean $28 Max $7
  • May 6 2012 A very windy day from the shorts that saw 15 Baggers out with only 4 scores below 50 though one was Max's 41! That good enough to snatch the one tag from Sean and take half the handicap pool as Erin won the handicap throw off but they had already decided to split it. Myers also racked up his first Ace of the year. Max $22 Erin $8
  • April 29 2012 Myers slowly ran baggers as Nick Morreale and James Engleman Jr were representing in Charlotte at the Charlotte Amateur Championships. We had a record 27 people attend on a beautiful sunday morning. Tags 1,2,3,4,5, and 6 were all accounted for making for some serious competition. Sean held on to the top tag with a nice 46. He took half the money for his efforts. ($27). 4 baggers shot their way into a handicap playoff. Max Crotts, Erin Hudson Hodnett, Emilio, and David Guy. They decided to split the money before they threw off and then the person who was closest got the extra. I believe that Max won that scratch so he rolled with $9 while the rest of the crew took home $5 each. Whew. Welcome Back JIM!!! Oh yeah,,, We played the longs plus the new Purple hole on #8 and Gold on #10.
  • April 22 2012 Hard Core Baggers out today in the pouring rain and we played Blues! Nick took the outright and right behind him to take the handicap. A sweet warm up before Nick and I head to the CAC next week to prep for worlds. Welcome to new bagger Steven Hill who weathered the weather to take the #29 tag. Nick $7 Jim E $7
  • April 15 2012 20 baggers out on a sunny but very windy day that only saw two scores in the 40's and yes that is from the whites. Vee crushed the field with a 44 with Myers at 48 the only other sub 50 round. Andy Bob and Jim West battled for the handicap pool with Bob taking home the money. Congrats on personal bests for Bob Andy and Nick G along with Jim West tying his. Welcome to two new baggers Ben Wilder and Jake McNair. Vee $18 Bob $18
  • April 08 2012 Easter Bunny Baggers with Erin bringing some tasty brownies and the Easter Bunny paid out some chocolate bunnies for #2 and #3 spots. Mills fended off Tyler and Justin to take the overall on a tough day where the best 7 down could get ya was a #17 tag. Emilio was 1 off his personal best to take the handicap. Mills $16 Emilio $16
  • April 1 2012 Myers running the show as 16 baggers came out while many were in Rocky Mount at the Bark Buster. No big tag order changes as Fred took the outright and half the handicap $ as he and Michael decide to share. Fred $20 Michael $6
  • March 25 2012 A no money tag only round as part of the monthly March Mando Madness. Big moves for Waylin, Biggs and Joe Warren.
  • March 18 2012 Another 23 bragger day even with Team Greenville at the VTI. Nick Morreale is still on fire again in playoffs for the outright and handicap money this time with a 42 to tie Bret and Vee. Bret kept the 2 tag and despite an ace Biggs walked away with the 61 tag! A personal best from Tim Langley was the other handicap pool player with David Guy one stroke out of the mix. we also welcomed back Kurt Hodnett and new to baggers Erin Hodnett and Allen Foster. Vee $20 Nick $20
  • March 11 2012 19 baggers out on a gorgeous day as we flipped a coin and got Blue tees again. Quarterly guest appearances were made by Adam Baker and Scott Parrish. Nick Morreale matched his personal best to tie Jason for the outright with 51. He won the $ throw of with Jason but lost the handicap $ to Jim West in a big free for all from B. between Jim West, Bob Ward, Eric Jackson and Nick. Congrats on Personal Bests for Eric and Bob and PB's matched by Nick and Jim but most importantly David Guy unloaded the 56 tag :-) Nick $17 Jim W $17
  • March 4 2012 Only 9 baggers braved it out in the light rain after two solid days of rain. Sean defended the #1 tag though lost the handicap throw off to David Guy. Bryan Schleigh joined us as the newest Sunday Bagger. Sean $7 David $7
  • February 26 2012 A record I believe for a non tournament day of 23 baggers! Finally played the blues for the first time in 2012 and it was Millsie's day as he took both pots with a personal best 46 to take the outright and won the handicap throw off against Jim West. Welcome back to Jeb back off the injured reserve list and to the two newest baggers Kacey and Jessica. I believe the $ was $40 to Mills
  • February 19 2012 Tag Only round as first round of the monthly. Brutal weather as it was raining and windy in the low 40's as Sean finally broke Justin's spell and reclaimed the #1 tag. Adam Walter joined us as a new bagger. No $ today.
  • February 12 2012 Temperature was a frigid 28 degrees at tee-off, with a 17-degree wind chill and 20 mph winds. Justin did manage to fend off good rounds from Todd, Fred, and Nick to capture the all-time defense title (6x). :) Todd made it really tough, especially after his ace on hole 14 and Justins pars on holes 8 and 9. Justin $8 Nick $8
  • Febuary 05 2012 10 baggers out on a cold and misty day. Heavy rain flooded a few tee pads so that we played blue tees for 2 3 and 10 but the rest white. Justin edged out Myers and Bret with a 44 for his FIFTH defense of the #1 tag. Justin $10 Jim $10
  • January 29 2012 3 faithfull baggers out at the meadow while 20 played the Ripper in New Bern. Myers moved up a few tags with outright at 44 and Will took all $3 for the handicap. Myers $3 Will $3
  • January 22 2012 All the baggers were out at ECU supporting the Ice Bowl
  • January 15 2012 Cold and windy! That was not enough to keep 19 baggers away! Justin Juggernaut Kingery defended the #1 tag for the forth time! Again he blew by the field by 4 strokes with a 41 for a two week average of 39.5! . Lots of scores 45 to 48 and Mike Blackmon had his bagger best to win the handicap $. Justin $19 Mike B $19
  • January 8 2012 22 Baggers out to witness Justin Juggernaut Kingery blow by the whole field by five strokes and set a new Bagger course record from the whites of 38! This overshadowed the return of long lost baggers Jason Younts and Richard Biggs and the personal bests by David Guy and Emilio. In fact a personal best by David two weeks in a row! Congrats to all! Justin $42
  • January 1 2012 8 mostly sober baggers out to bring in the new year with Max continuing to play well to hold the top tag available though lost the $ to Mills in the throw off. David Guy started the year off right with a personal best 59 to take the handicap money! Dave $8 Mills $8
  • December 25 2011 O baggers out because it was Christmas and you're never too old for Christmas.
  • December 18 2011 19 Baggers out including Baxter our newbie. White tees as Bret took the outright with a 44 and I took the handicap with a new personal best 45! Lots a sub 50 scores today. Jim $17 Brett $17
  • December 11 2011 ‎20 baggers out as Justin defended the #1 tag for a second time though Nick M tied his 45 and won the $ in the throw off. He lost the handicap $ though to Audrey! Congrats to Audrey and a personal bagger best as well. Five dormant tags were also put back in circulation. $20 Nick M $20 Audrey
  • December 4 2011 14 Baggers out as there were baggers at both the TNa and Carthage tournamnts. Jason handily crushed the others with a 47 from the blues to take the outright though lost to Nick in a handicap throw off that also included Tyler and Jim West as well. $14 Nick $14 Myers
  • November 27 2011 21 Baggers again as Justin easily defended the #1 tag. Emilio won a handicap throw off with the newest bagger Michael Blackmon. Erin Hodnett is joining us as well and Kurt has returned though I am awaiting new tags to give them. Adam and jenny Baker along with Jeff Stroud found their way back to the Meadow as well after a lengthy absense. :) $17 Justin $17 Emilio
  • November 20 2011 21 Baggers played the original 18 for the first time since hurricane Irene. Justin reclaimed the #1 tag though to be fair Vee was handicapped by my destruction of his McDonalds tea. Mike Simone had a personal best 44 to take the #3 tag and won the handicap throw off with Justin and Emilio. Joe Warren also aced #6. Justin $21 Mike S $21
  • November 13 2011 Tag only round connected with round one of the monthly which was an object golf round from the blues. Vee took the #1 and David Guy had a personal best blue round and I am told Kish aced #6
  • November 06 2011 A near record 24 baggers out today with two new folks Turtle and Kish. We played blues with Jeb defended #1 for the fourth time with only he and Justin in the 40's. Nick M inched out the handicap with a personal best 51 to also take a top 10 tag. Jeb $19 Nick $19
  • October 30 2011 19 baggers again with Nate Jacobs joining us. It was the Gough show from the white tees with Sean winning the outright with a 43 and Jeff taking the handicap and the bonus wings from Hooters. Sean $16 Jeff $16
  • October 23 2011 DEPC! 16 of the baggers playing signed up for tag and handicap round but it was all about Jeb. Jeb defended the #1 tag for the third time winning both the outright and the handicap with a 46 that was FIVE strokes better than Justin's 51. Kurt returned the #15 tag and it was put back in play. Jeb $ 32
  • October 16 2011 Blue times for 19 baggers again. Jason and Fred kept the 3 and 5 tags and Justin moved back into the top 10 all with a tie at 52. The top three threw off for the cash with Myers taking it all and Emilio edged out the other baggers for the handicap $. Jason $16 Emilio $16
  • October 09 2011 19 baggers out included 4 new folks! Welcome to Tim Langley, Ryan Williams, Robert Ward and James West. Jeb defended the #1 for the second time. Mike simone had a sweet 47 for the handicap win at 41. Jeb $16 Mike $16
  • October 02 2011 20 baggers out including 3 new folks Christopher Hamby, Steve Rogers and Nick Golden. Played whites to make time for course cleanup. Nick Myers Will and Eric all shot excelent rounds for them while the rest of the field was pretty blah. Myers kept the #3 tag with a 44 and Will took the handicap with a handicap 41. Myers $17 Will $17
  • September 18 2011 Only 8 baggers out because .... I have no idea why. Flipped and finally played longs with a longer alt 9, long A and short B to long A basket. Jeb defended with a tie of his best blue round and Vee and Tyler both setting their personal bagger bests. All eight tags stayed the same with Vee tying Jeb at 46 and winning the 'CTS' for the $. Tyler shot a 49 and easily won the handicap pool. (ERROR should have been a three way tie for handicap capped at 45) $ 8 Vee $ 8 Tyler
  • September 11 2011 ‎24 baggers out today! We again played A B and alt 9 due to flooding. Jeb reclaimed the #1 with a very hot 41 followed by 42's from Sean and Myers. That was good enough for Myers to edge out the handicap pool with a 40 and Jeb took the outright! I finally had a Meadowbrook Ace on hole B. A great day for disc golf and a big welcome to our newest bagger Jessie. Jeb $24 Myers $24
  • September 4 2011 Three holes flooded with many many trees and branches down! Played a very alternate white tee version that saw Justin blow past everyone taking the entire field by 5 strokes to take both outright and handicap. Sadly there were NO top 10 tags out but he got all the money. Justin $22
  • August 28 2011 A devastating Hurricane Irene that less than 24 hours before trashed the city was not enough to keep six baggers from coming out to try their luck on a modified white tee round. No tags changed. Jeb $6 Will & Andy $6
  • August 21 2011 Max took the #1 a second time setting a NEW White Tee Record of 39! Lots of other personal bests with Joey, Nick Derice and Blake setting personal bests. Max took all the money and now sets a new bar of 39 for the lowest that the handicap can take your score on a white tee round. Max $24
  • August 14 2011 Justin was able to defend his #1 tag against Jeb with a 44 tie between them though Jeb took the $ in a throw off. Thankfully Justin was also in the handicap throw off and won that. I was the big mover from 41 to 21 as we reintroduced the 21 23 and 40 and retired the 53 and 51. Tucker Rhodes joined us as the newest bagger. Justin $12 Jeb $12
  • David Guy ran the show (thanks!) whichsaw few big changes as Sean won the overall with a 43 and David got the handicap with a 41 and a nice jump to the 24 tag. David $14 Sean $14
  • July 31 2011 VERY HUMID then to thunder and light rain as17 baggers went at it with Mills making the only big move as he took outright and #4 tag with a 44 to edge out Biggs and his 45. A big handicap clump at 42 but Tyler edging them out with a 41. Blake won the Ace Pool CTP throw off. Tyler $15 Mills $15
  • July 24 2011 Seriously HOT and humid with the Blues in the long position on 11 12 and 13 plus played #10 gold. Justin became the 9th #1 tag holder knocking out the competition by 5 strokes! Congrats. Joey P climbed into the top 10 for the first time and took the handicap low. Justin $15 Joey $15
  • July 17 2011 A great day for disc golf that saw SEVEN baggers shoot their sunday personal bests for a big six person handicap shootout on #1 that I won by inches. Fred was all alone with a 46 to take the outright though there were FIVE 47's. Welcome to newbagger Chris Narron! Fred $18 Jim $ 18
  • July 10 2011 20 baggers out! Finally the blues which left a few folks singing the blues. Jeb kept the #1 tag. In fact very little change among the top teir except Scott's fall from grace while Fred and Myers made their way back to the top 10. Mills and Nick D threw off for the handicap $ with Mills taking it for the second week in a row. Jeb $18 Mills $18
  • July 03 2011 Adam Baker running the show and aced Hole 18! Sean Gough won the overrall, shooting a 41 and taking the 2 Tag! Jon Mills won the handicap shooting a handicapped 40! They each took $13
  • June 26 2011 20 baggers out! Jeb returned to #1 fighting off Scott's attempt to reclaim #1 as they both shot 43 which was Scott's personal bagger best though he lost both the low score and handicap throw off :-( Walin continued his climb breaking into the top 10 with a 44. Mus had the record fall from grace going from #1 to #49. Tough crowd when a 45 will only get you the 14 tag. Plenty of above average shooting with a 5 way throw off for handicap low.
  • June 19 201115 Baggers out with two new folks Joey and Rob. Rob promptly moved from tag #52 to #17 but otherwise the top 4 tags didn't budge. It was Fred's day with the outright win at 42 then won the handicap at 41 after a throw off with Bret and Will and if that wasn't enough he took the blueberries and syrup CTP. Fred $22
  • June 12 2011 A New Bern invasion with 5 new baggers! Welcome to Emilio Ben Audrey Chris and Ben. Nick continued his steady climb now into the #6 spot with a 46 that gave him the handicap win and a four way tie for low score with Fred Bret and Jason. Fred won the throw off. Fred $11 Nick $11
  • June 05 2011 The thunder and lightening ended right on schedule so that four of us could play. Bret was held in check through 10 holes then pulled away. Bret $6
  • May 22 2011 Yet another new #1 with Mus (Adam Baker) taking the honor with a 45 white round and Nick continued his climb all the way to the #7 and took the handicap. Mus $11 Nick $11
  • May 15 2011 10 Baggers out after surviving the festivities at Robert Avery's on Saturday. A good bit of tag shuffling with Biggs and Nick moving way up and tieing for the handicap low and Justin and Vee the outright. Biggs and Nick $10 Justin and Vee $10
  • May 08 2011 It was Max's day with a super 41 on a day that shooting a mere 1000 rated 44 would only earn you the #12 tag. Tough crowd! Eleven baggers out on a balmy Mother's day that saw many of the regulars off eating breakfast with mom no doubt. Max took all the money after putting his CTP throw-off with Todd about a foot from the B basket. Max $22
  • May 01 2011 Thanks Jeb for running the show that saw 13 baggers out as many regulars were in Kinston prepping for the King's Cup. Mills took it all with a white 43 and handicap 40.The #8 and #9 tag were put back in circulation and Eric Jackson continued his rise through the tags to 13 currently. Mills $26
  • April 24 2011 A hot morning weather wise ;-) with 19 baggers out including two new folks! Sean defended the#1 from the blues with a 47 and the only sub 50 round. Eric took the handicap win with $16 Sean and $16 Eric.
  • April 10 2011 Nice super calm morning saw 19 out and we added bagger #45 Richard Jordan. Sean tied white record of 40 (also held by Fred and Jeb) in a round that included an ace on #17. Both Nick and David had their bagger bests to tie the often tied handicap record of 37. david won the throw off for the $. Sean $19 David $19
  • April 03 2011 Wow 44 tags out and 20 baggers out plus three younsters playing along as well!Scott took low with an amazing and personal best 49 with the blues in the long positions (all but 15). Sweet!Mus and Scott C promptly traded in their 41 and 43 tags for tags in the teens.Abdalla and Will also had personal bagger bests with Abdalla taking the handicap pool. Scott $17 Abdalla $17
  • March 27 2011 40th bagger addeed!! Welcome to Eric Jackson. Despite misty rain and temp in the upper thirties we still had 7 baggers out! Justin took low with a 46 Biggs jumped from 35 to 10 tag. Jim with handicap win at 44. Justin $7 Jim $7
  • March 20 2011 A record 20 baggers out to participate in the March Mando Madness. No handicap or $ play but lots of fun anyway. Major tag restructuring with the most notable being Biggs falling from 6 to 35 and Mike Simone jumping from 33 to 6. Added a new bagger as well Brian Williams.
  • March 13 2011 Sean took #1 again by 5 strokes from the blues with a 46! Yeah for Myers coming right back with the one tag after only a few days to savor it though his record blue round of 45 now has stood for over a year! Phil had his best bagger blue round for the handicap win with a 43 joining the many others with the record handicap low from blues of 43. 14 baggers out on a lovely day. Sean $14 Phil $14
  • February 27 2011 ‎16 baggers plus Bryan Avery and new #37 David Guy and #38 Bret Kinlaw . For some unexplained reason I actually gave out tag #38 and #39 so I put in Ken Climo as a place holder for #37 if you want to email a screen shoot to anyone :-). Bret promptly picked up the top available tag (#5) with a 42 for the grandest bagger debut ever! Six 42 handicap rounds but I had a 40 :) 7 sub 50 rounds and 12 sub par rounds. Bret $16 Jim $16
  • February 20 2011 Jason Myers gave this report : 17 baggers on a beautiful Sunday morning Everyone was battling for tags 1-7 which were all up for grabs for the first time. We played the shorts. The #1 tag finally changed hands after weeks of being in the possession of the original GOO. Jeb is our new #1. Tyler $16 Jeb $8 Vee $8
  • February 13 2011 Jason Myers gave this report : Pygmy won the overall. Tyler won the handicapped. The weather was beautiful. We played the blues. Some of us sang them. Tyler $10 Pygmy $10
  • February 06 2011 A record 17 baggers with the return of Biggs and adding Phillip Edwards to make it #36 now. Sean held on to the #1 for the fourth defend against three shooting 50's Scott Jeb and Mills. Scott's 50 and Tyler's 55 brought them 43 handicap rounds and Scott won the throw off. I had a personal best 58 only good enough for a 44 handicap :-( $20 added so $ in theory Scott $26 Sean $26. the pot was a couple $ light so when you see Sean or Scott next time .... In fact I believe we have grown big enough (and chaotic enough) to collect $2 and your tag at the beginning and then the payout and reordering of tags will go much smoother. I messed up some of the tags past #18 today and thanks to Jeff for just taking the #35 for simplicity though he had a nice 56 for what should have been #18.
  • January 30 2011 10 Baggers out on a beautiful day that included sunday Bagger #34 Mike Simone. Several regular baggers were in New Bern ablely defending the Greenville honor. Thanks. Back at the Meadow we were joined by the long lost Jon Mills. Justin Kingery continued to demonstrate he has fully arrived as one of Greenvilles top discers with a blistering 41 from the whites to take the outright and handicap $ with a handicap 39. Mike Simone started the day with #34 but got to leave with the#17 tag. Justin $18
  • January 16 2011 Jason Myers ran the show with this report : 14 baggers showed up on a beautiful, sunny day. The temperature was comfortable, starting cool but then heating up to around 55 degrees. A lot of low tags showed up today with 2,3,4,5, and 6 being fought for. Max and Vee slipped back into the top 5 while Fred and Myers dropped out. Max jumped up 26 spots… Record??? Vee took the overall money and Max took the Handicapable win. Vee $13 Max $13 NOTE Jim : It is certainly the largest tag # move plus Max tied his own handicap recoerd of 43 from the blues that he shares with Vee
  • January 09 2011 25 degrees with wind chill at 16 at tee off! Still not enough to discourage 11 baggers from coming out. Jeb awoke early from his winter slumber. Kyle Hodnett played with us and Nick DeRice is bagger #33. Justin continued the assault on the summit with a 45 to slip past Jeb for the #2 tag. I (Jim) after 13 months FINALLY got a handicap win with a 50 (handicap 41). Justin $10 Jim $10
  • January 02 2011 60 degree weather to follow up last weeks 5 inches of snow! Now 32 Baggers with the addition of PJ Evans! Today saw lots of hot shooting to start off the new year with Sean defending his #1 tag for a fourth time with a 42. There were a whopping 7 players shooting 45 and under. Jason had a rare Bagger ACE on #7 in his 45 and Tyler had a stellar 45 for a new record handicap low of 37 sneaking past the handicap 38 from Mike Gough and 39 from Nick. .......... Sean $14 Tyler $14
  • December 26 2010 Snowed Out! Only the second shutout in the first year of Sunday Baggers. I did finally get by there about 1pm and snapped a few pics which are on the FaceBook Sunday Bagger page.
  • December 19 2010 Wow #31 baggers now! I would have NEVER guessed a year ago that we would have 31 Sunday Baggers and have 8 people come out on a breezy 35 degree morning. Sweet. Welcome to Jason Yount who promptly moved from #30 to #11 and Abdall Raafat who is our tag #31. Justin edged out Vee for the low score and the handicap win as well.
  • December 12 2010 Ten baggers out on a windy about to rain day. Fred won won outright and handicap setting a new handicap record of 38!
  • December 5 2010 A number of regulars were playing the Tand T Ranch benefit as five baggers braved the freezing breezy cold and enjoyed the 3/4 inch of snow :-) Tough conditions that saw a star par on 5 8 and 9 though we vowed to quit if #10 was star par as well. Max made up 4 strokes on the back nine to tie Justin for the outright low and won the handicap.
  • November 21 2010 Ten baggers on a beautiful fall day! Sean defended his #1 tag for the third time and won throw off with Jeb for the money. Max tied his previous handicap record 43 from the blues with a sweet 51 and took the #5 tag and Fred jumped up to #4 knocking Justin and Jason down a few notching. The battle in the basement wasn't pretty and resulted in no tag changes.
  • Nov 14 2010 A record 14 baggers (excluding DEPC) and we gained #28 Blake Dahlem and #29 Jake Davis ! Justin continued his assent on the summit and forced a throw off for the low score (42) money between himself Sean and Jon Vee which Jon Vee won, though Sean kept the #1 tag. The throw off for the handicap win (39) was won by Scott. See ya next week and I am going to go ahead and order tags 31 to 45 :)
  • Nov 07 2010 Jason took all the money and there was no big tag order change on a week that saw many baggers playing in the Jacksonville tournament. Congrats to super bagger :) Jon Upchurch for winning Advanced with Kurt drafting but never able to pass.
  • October 31 2010 Twelve baggers on a pleasant Halloween. Tyler Morreala became bagger #27 and Nick Moora got in his first official bagger round. Sean defended the #1 tag with some incredible drives including an under the basket birdie of #2! Justin won the throw off with Max and Sean for the handicap half the pot. The handicap sheet has been updated for Justin Jaws Mason and Nick using their DEPCround ratings so they can join in the handicap fun.
  • October 24 2010 Lots of Sunday baggers of course out for the DEPC! Seventeen in the tag running today though there were really nineteen but I missed Will Pittman and Mike Gough until after all the tag action had occured and thankfully neither would have gotten the handicap low score :) Sean walked away with $60 from the enhanced pot today with a remarkable 50! Kurt Jon V and Jeff were all near miss handicap 51 for a pot split but excellent rounds for each nonetheless. Also gained our 26th member today Nick Morraele. I plan to use the 4 rounds of the DEPC cup to go ahead and generate handicaps for Nick Jaws and Mason so they can join in the fun and will also update Justins since he is officially a sub 900 but plays well above 900.
  • October 10 2010 Suprisingly only six baggers on a beautiful beautiful day. We played a sixsome just for the hell of it and had an excellent time with Fred taking the outright and Robert winning a throw off with Kurt for the handicap score. Jim had a personal best 58 from the blue tees and Kurt had his best blue tee bagger round with a 51.
  • Oct 3 2010 A steady light rain and flooding could not keep the original Sunday Bagger trio of Jim Robert and Scott from playing. We were joined by Todd who for various reasons came with the #1 and #3 and #4 tags so those of course had to get back in proper circulation and Sean (who gave the #1 to Todd in a nonsanctioned round) and Jason (who apparenly lost his tag in the parking lot) have been demoted to the #14 and #16 tags. Robert has them for you if you come 10/17/10.
  • September 12 2010 An overcast but otherwise excellent Sunday saw 9 Baggers make it out and had Jason reclaim the #1 tag and again take both pots with a ctp throw off on #17 with Robert for the handicap win.
  • September 05 2010 Eleven baggers again taking in the beautiful weather and again a white tee birdie fest. No major shake ups as Sean Jon Todd and Mason drifted upward and Jason Fred Kurt and Robert all caught down drafts. Always happy to have our Kinston neighbors up for the day as Joel and Christian held steady.
  • August 29 2010 Twelve baggers including THREE newbies. Scott Baker, Mike and Jeff Gough joined the ranks. Sean took the Kinston #1 tag from Kurt with a low score with a 45 and Kurt the handicap money with a 46 (41) though through my mistake there should have been a throw off with Robert and his 51 (41). Robert and I were so happy to end with top 10 tags I think he may forgive me. Congratulations to #1 bagger Jeb who was off at the Skylands securing his spot in the USDGC.
  • August 22 2010 Eleven baggers and a new white tee record for Sundays with Jeb's 40 which is smoking from the long positions! Jason jumped from tag #10 to #2 and tied for a handicap 40 but lost the CTP throw off on #1 with numerous side wagers in the mix. Mason joined the ranks and promptly traded in his #21 for the #10.
  • August 1 2010 Jeb retook the #1 in a very tight birdie fest but the story of the day was Jeff Stroud's 46 or ~970 round which is a full 100 points over his current PDGA rating. Way to go. Jeff also set a new handicap white tee record of 39!
  • July 25 2010 Twelve (!) of the twenty sunday baggers were participating in the Neuse River Rumble! I can't get anyone to admit to playing.
  • July 18 2010 Another hot and humid Sunday with two new Baggers Chris Teague and Will Pittman bringing us to 20 total. Jon Vee held off Fred Jeb and Todd to defend the #1 tag! No breakout rounds today but that meant there was a CTP throw off for both half the pots with Jon Vee winning both throw offs and YET AGAIN taking all the money :-) Congrats to Sunday Bagger Sean Gough who was off today winning the Mid-town Chiropractic tourney in Raliegh by 3 strokes with 4 more 1020 average rated rounds to follow up the 4 in Kinston. I'm sure it was those bagger Sundays in the snow and sleet that made the difference :-) Good Luck to all 10 Sunday Baggers playing in the Rumble next weekend. Shoot it up! That still leaves 10 of ya carry on the Sunday Bagger tradition. Email me the scores.
  • July 11 2010 A beautiful hot morning with 10 baggers showing. Jon Upchurch shot a smoking 9 birdie 47 from the blues in the long positions to easily take the #1 tag and the handicap win with a 43! The 43 ties Max's 43 handicap for the low handicap score from blues which is equvalent to 6 shots under their average or what would be 60 points over their rating in a PDGA event (in case anyone wondered about those things:-)) Max had another good round and jumped to the #4 tag with Todd the major slider though I am certain it will be temporary.
  • July 04 2010 A gorgeous 4th of July saw a few nonsoftball players enjoy a round. Christian officially joined the ranks to bring it to 18 baggers. Sadly Max's excellent 50 only got him the $ though most weeks it would have also captured a top 4 tag.
  • June 27 2010 Jeff ties his personal best from the white to take handicap money (as it should be) and Jon Mills rockets up to his 'rightful place' with the #5 tag..
  • June 20 2010 Sean earns the # 1 tag and later that week joins the elite ranks of 1000 rated PDGA players! Greenville now has two players in the top 200 in the world and both are Sunday Baggers :-) jon Mills is back in the Sunday Bagger mix!
  • June 13 2010 Joel joined the bagger ranks as of course he definitely is one :-) First playoff for the handicap $ with Scott winning it.
  • June 6 2010 The perpeptual and now 'New and Improved' Sunday Baggers resumed today with just four baggers due to the zillion other things going on today. It was VERY windy which made for some interesting shots. It was tight through #10 then Jon Vee pulled away with four straight birdies to keep the #3 tag and win the first handicap pool as well. We let him go with a 950 equivalent handicap of 5 longs and 3 shorts(4 and 3 after today :-)) which is what he played at in DEP Cup and Players cup and likewise I went ahead and assigned Todd as well on the same based on his 960 PDGA play in those two events as well so all the old baggers have current handicaps and the next official handicap will be the quarterly update 7/1/2010. I will be in the Tar Heel next week but Scott will have tags for any new baggers. Have Fun!
  • SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: The new handicap info is now on the site in each players stats on in the handicap page. The picnic for May 9th is being moved as it is apparently something called Mother's Day on the 9th then King's Cup the 16th and my wife's birthday the 24th and Memorial day weekend the 30th SOOOO I am proposing that I try it again on June the 6th as the official kick off of the NEW and IMPROVED Handicap Tag League and know that in the years to come when clubs acroos the country are hosting their own Handicap Tag Leagues that you bold 15 were the pioneers :-)
  • 04/11/10 Week 21 A rainy very windy day that saw the picnic canceled but was not enough to stop Scott Wes and I from sliding in one more round. The final round of the league concept but the door will open soon to a perpetual Sunday morning handicap tag league.
  • 04/11/10 Week 20 While many of the regular crew was at the Azelea a fun time was had playing odd/even long short with Todd Jeff Jeremy Robert and Jim with Todd leading the way as expected.
  • 04/11/10 Week 19 Twelve baggers on a gorgeous day! Jeb defended #1 for the second time and if he had come out earlier in the season .... :) Jon pounced on the money again hiding under the #10 tag, Jeremy Wes and Scott shot up a bit while Jason Robert and I plunged a bit.
  • 04/04/10 Week 18 Easter Sunday and as far as I can tell it was a shutout :(
  • 03/28/10 Week 17 Jeb finished his climb to the top tag on a VERY windy day that saw Jim birdie #9 for the first time ever and saw Scott 'shit the bed' (ask him)
  • 03/21/10 Week 16 Lovely day as Jason defended the #1 tag! No tag changes with decent shooting all around while many of the other baggers were off at the VTI.
  • 03/14/10 Week 15 A misty rain kept most away though Sean seems to thrive in the less than ideal weather.
  • 03/07/10 Week 14 Nine baggers again! Jason got the glory (#1 tag) and the money with a scorching hot 45 from the blues! Scott set the pace on the second card with Max Scott and Wes Mincey all moving up today. It did look like a 12:30 round was afoot so I'll update when that info comes along. I made a correction to 2/28/10 now including Roberts score.
  • 02/28/10 Week 13 Best turn out so far with nine. We went ahead and gave the #4 tag to Wes Mincey as Biggs never has come back for action since November. Fred knocked out Todd for the #1 tag and Jeff tied his personal best with an 8 birdie 48 to split the handicap pool and outright snatch the #4 tag.
  • 02/21/10 Week 12 A good turn out on a gorgeous day. Jon Upchurch was given Jon Mills tag since he had not been able to play since November and Jon decided to take full advantage of the #12 handicap. (sorry Jeb :) Jeb managed to ace alt hole #19 within minutes of it's creation. The #1 tag was home resting but was prodded into a defense promise on the 28th. Finally some blue tee action!
  • 02/14/10 Week 11 Another snowfest at the winter wonderland formerly known as Meadowbrook. Scott held off Todd and Fred through 11 holes then ran into a snag on #12. Pygmy Man kept the lead the rest of the way. Flooding of 8,9 and 12 called for some alternate holes that were a fun diversion. Between rounds Scott and Jeremy and I tried diligently to get an Epic to do it's long distance thumber flip to no avail. As for the 12:30 lets just say I should have went home after the 10:30.
  • 02/07/10 Week 10 I couldn't be there. Fred kept #2 tag and waited for the #1 tag. Maybe next week
  • 01/31/10 Week 9 At least Sean and I were there at 10:30 to witness the icy splendor and the delightful "sunny and 23 degrees". Those biology degrees compel us I suppose:) Apparently some others trickled out by 12:30 for some unrecorded renegade doubles.
  • 01/24/10 Week 8 Eight baggers on a lovely day. Jeb was awoken from hibernation so it MUST be a new disc golf season. There was a considerable shake up in the Tag order and it looks like Todd had the big move and the $. A sweet round for Robert as well! John Upchurch was there as well sharing in the fun with a 52. I do NOT have any additional tags unless Biggs or Mills give up on any Sunday action which so far they have chosen to stay in the mix. The tags have to stay at 15 to make the handicapped part have a chance at working. Sorry to John and Wes Mincey :(
  • 01/17/10 WEEK 7 The rain ended just in time and a warm spring blustery preview replaced it. Just 5 baggers due to the Home Grown Tour and Kinston Ice Bowl recovery for others but always fun regardless. Scott defended #1 YET AGAIN!
  • 01/10/10 WEEK 6 Another nippy day but not quite as cold as last week. Eight baggers total again this week. Fred got the $ and given the wind 44 was an excellent score for a handicap 41. No tag changes among the top four tags including Scott defending against genuine competition this time :)
  • 01/03/2010 WEEK 5 25 degrees and 20 mph wind were no match for the determination of six baggers who came out for one or both of the rounds. If the Worlds are ever in Juno Alaska we'll be ready :) Scott held the #1 again and Sean defended the #2 in the 12:30
  • 12/27/09 WEEK 4 Nice weather brought out 8 baggers plus Wes Mincey and Kirk up from Panama City. Fred held the top available tag #3 with a white tee 43 and Jason Myers took the cash with a 45 for handicap 38 :)
  • 12/20/2009 WEEK 3 Scott held the #1 against some weak competition, though down by 4 after 9 holes Scott had a hot back nine and Jim and Wes not so much :)
  • 12/13/2009 WEEK 2 Flooded and still misty rain. Robert and I both had 'leave by noon' obligations so we all agreed to play 10 holes anyway 1-7 the 16-18. Wes showed up to take the 15th tag and promptly moved up to #11.
  • 12/06/2009 WEEK 1 Scott with first official defense of #1 tag with a #1 tag worthy 52.
  • 11/29/2009 Preseason Filling out the ranks of the Sunday baggers with some of Greenville's best.